It’s not always how much you have, it’s how you use it.  Nothing from nothing always leaves nothing!

And we agree, if you have more bills than money some things aren’t going to get paid.  And, we know that most of the population can barely make it from one paycheck to the next.  But, we don’t believe anyone wants to stay in that situation. So, get out of it!  Yes, you! First step, start by knowing how to budget the money that you.  Not by just saving a little money at the end of the year, if you can, but by being money conscious daily, weekly and every month!  If you don’t ever want to retire, fine, work knowing you’re working because you “want to” not have to.  If you want to retire early or want to retire comfortably manage your budget so that it’s a guarantee.  Or do you want to just get out of debt and be the master of your money, not mastered by your money?!  Then you are in the right place to begin.

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